Mildew and and other bacteria build up can cause odors to form in hard to reach places.  But luckily one of the many features or AirTulen is the fact that it can not only kill bacteria, but kills odors.


Surprisingly, one of the of the most asked about places would be the washing machine.  Mildew can build up easily and cause your clothes to start smelling moldy and stale.  Using too much detergent may be what is causing your washing machine to stink!

Detergents Photo

Aside from trying to use less detergent for your laundry loads, you should also try spraying some AirTulen inside and letting it do its magic. AirTulen’s anti-bacterial properties will kill off the bacteria in your washing machine in less than a minute.  Just spray and let it sit for 20 seconds.  The smell should be gone within that timeframe.