2016.05.23|STORY AirTulen at Tokyo’s design f

photo from wikitravel.com
In the heart of Naka-Meguro, Tokyo resides design f, an upscale pet boutique catering to the needs of Tokyoites and their furry friends.  Their online store carries an array of goods to keep even the most choosy of owners happy and satisfied.

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From anti-mosquito plug-in aroma sets to gourmet treats, and goose down mufflers to in-house designed collars, design f carries only the best in quality products.  Which is why we here at AirTulen are proud to be one of the few cleaning products offered on their online store and Naka-Meguro location.

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Cats, dogs, and their owners all love the natural scentless cleaning effect.  If you’re in Tokyo and on the hunt for some fresh new items for your pet, check out design f and pick a bottle of AirTulen while you’re there.