2015.09.13|NEWS Direction of use

Cleaning products containing surfactants eliminate dirt by lifting it from the surface, but if you do not rinse or wipe the treated area completely, any residual detergent will absorb dirt again. AirTulen is free from any surfactants, so there is no need to wipe a surface multiple times.

Direction of use

  • Directly spray AirTulen onto the desired surface. Let the water set for a few seconds before wiping to allow it to isolate the dirt then wipe or rinse. For more delicate surfaces wipe the object with a soft cloth or tissue moisturized with AirTulen.
  • If you use AirTulen on food etc. rince well with regular water after application.
    *This is Alkali Electrolytic Water of pH12.5. Dilute and use as necessary.